Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ahhh...this is a whole new experience..ok well not totally new, but definitely with a twist! I know plenty about attachment and ways to help encourage it from our other adoptions, but with Mr. A he was only 4 days old and although he grieved some, we were really all he knew outside of the womb. With Mr. I coming home at 1 year old it was much more challenging, but in Korea he had a healthy attachment with his foster family which made it much easier for us to form a strong attachment.

With Little Man things are different! He is 6 months old, has experienced things he never should have had to and did not experience a healthy attachment. I believe he had an attachment to his parents (at least Mom), but not what is healthy/typical. The first several weeks were ok and I realized he was experiencing some grieving, but nothing like we have been seeing recently! Whew! This kid has a scream to pierce the soul! Mostly it shows up only at naptimes or bedtime. He wakes often (to make sure we are still there) and before he goes to sleep he will scream, arch, rage for 10-15 and then suddenly relax and go to sleep. I'll be honest..this is NOT easy, but as I posted on facebook this morning, 'God is not concerned with our comfort; He's concerned with our character.'

I have some amazing friends who have given us great suggestions to help Little Man (and us!) and we would love if you would join us in praying for his attachment to us to develop and that he develops trust in us as well. Thank you!!!

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