Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the mend

THANK GOD Little Man is on the mend!!! Last night was rough, but the two nights before that we each got consecutive hours of sleep! He is sounding so much better and we are praying that this was an isolated incident and not something that happens every time he gets sick or that it is asthma. Time will tell us the answer to that. He still has a horrible cough, but at least it is a congested cough and not a "I can't breathe" cough. We took the kids to the park yesterday and he simply LOVED the sand on his feet. It was so cute to hear him giggle (after so much crying lately) as he dug his feet into the sensory problems there! :-)

We haven't heard anything else about his case and we *should* be assigned a case worker this week (I would think) so that things can move forward. He has been here for a few days shy of 2 weeks, but we all love him so much already! Mr. A and Little Man already have a special little bond and if I say Mr. A's name he starts looking around. The same goes for if he hears his voice but can't see him. Today Mr. A said "I just love my whole family...including "M"! " I love to see how my kids have wrapped their hearts around this little guy and have shown him sibling love. I hate to think what their reactions will be when (if) we have to say goodbye to him at some point. This is where we put all that faith in trust in God to help us handle that!!!

Overall, Little Man is doing great! He is trying some news foods, actively working at getting around and blessing our lives :)

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