Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry CHRISTmas!!!!

Merry CHRISTmas everyone!! I pray that you are celebrating the birth of our Savior with your family and friends!! Today is a wonderful day as we watch the kids listen as the story of Jesus's birth is told, and then tear open their gifts! We do 3 gifts each to show the significance of the wise men's gifts :-)

It was bittersweet watching Little Man open (ok...he had a little help from some loving foster brothers!) his presents. As I watched the joy on his face when he saw his new light up crawling ball, my heart felt sad that his birthmother/father weren't there to enjoy those moments. His FIRST Christmas! My heart also broke to know that they could have celebrated with him but aren't. I'm not here to judge..that's God's job alone and they will need to show account to him for their actions, but the situation is just so sad.

However, we are SO BLESSED that we got share those moments with him and that we get to have him in our lives for however long God decides! :)

Be Blessed Friends!!!

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