Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well two nights ago was grieving and last night although better was still a challenge because he was up not being able to breathe. Poor thing how has a chest cold and his little cough is just pitiful :( Despite being sick, his attitude has been pretty good today. He is getting really good at rolling and he is already trying to get his knees up to do the army crawl! Yikes...we could be in trouble. He is definitely starting to teeth and there is drool galore! His poor chin has a terrible rash from all the wetness. We are trying to keep it dry and put Vit. E on it to heal the skin and it seems to be improving. Please all you established mommies if you have any other suggestions please pass them along :)

Our sleepywear carrier arrived the other day and we are totally in LOVE!! It took me a few times to get it right and tight enough, but once he is in there he is quiet in seconds and usually asleep in minutes! He giggles each time he sees me putting it on :)!!

I tell ya...the absolute hardest thing about foster care is going to be having to return them back to their parents. We as foster parents must love them with all our hearts and not hold back any love because of our fear of loss. These kids deserve no less than all that we have. Should Sweet Baby return to his birthmom, then God must have a plan in it all and we just have to obey and trust that He has a greater plan. Man will we grieve, but Sweet Baby is worth every tear! Many have asked us how long he will be here, and the answer we give is that we have NO idea! Although it is considered an abandonment case, there is birthmother contact, so I'm not really sure how this will proceed. We will just take it a day at a time and enjoy our time with Little M :)


Cheri said...

Don't laugh, but we always used carmex on our son. He had enlarged adnoids, so he was always sick. Since he couldn't breathe his mouth was open all the time and he just drooled constantly. The carmex was a barrier between his skin and the drool, and didn't irritate his sensitive skin.

FYI - we use it for a lot of other things here too. It worked wonders on helping with my raw poison ivy skin!

The Campbell's Journey said...

You have a wonderful attitude towards the love and care of your little man. I have asked our close friends and family that when the time comes for our foster child to return home to their bio family to remind me that there is another little person out there that needs us too. Its still going to be hard to let little man go (if that's the case) but that just means God has another baby waiting for you :)