Thursday, December 31, 2009

He's back :)

He got back about an hour and half after he left and I was able to breathe again :) Apparently he did well and so far since he has been back he has been doing well, so that is all good news. I am very interested to see what tonight's sleeping will be like! Praying that we have a good night as well :)

I had offered to have the birthparents call me from the CM cell phone if they had any questions about his development/behaviors, but they never called. I found it odd, because she has asked his CM several times to have my phone number. I told her that I was not willing to give that out (I have no idea who these people are!) but that I would speak to them on the CM's cell during the visit. CM said the only things that they wanted to know were my race and what I used on his hair because it smelled good. Ummmmmm.....ok! I guess it's just me, but if I hadn't seen my son for a month I would be asking a heck of a lot more questions!

There was a court date yesterday and apparently some "stuff" wasn't taken care of, so I have no idea where we are going from here! Apparently we also are going to have a new CM already (just got this one last week!) but the current CM only knows her first name and can't get in contact with her. I am a pretty organized, "know what you're doing/have a plan" kind of person and this is really a growing experience for me!! God must want me to learn more patience, because He certainly has put me in a situation to learn :)!

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