Saturday, December 5, 2009

Totally exhausted!

Two nights ago and then yesterday it became glaringly obvious that sweet baby has a major gas/digestion issue and was in a lot of pain and just plain unhappy :( A friend suggested I try soy formula and see if that works. I went out yesterday and got a can and couldn't believe the difference!! He is so much happier and although he still needs to burp several times a feeding, he doesn't scream in agony anymore :)!!! BUT...last night I think he really started to grieve his loss :( Actually it's a good thing (rather than not dealing with it), but he would not let us set him down at all. Usually he falls asleep in my arms, and then I lay him down with no issue. We tried several times to no avail...he started screaming the minute we laid him down. So...I slept with him in my arms most of the night (note: HE slept...hence my title!) and I am praying that tonight he is able to sleep in his crib again. If I get a chance I will try to post something about little ones and grieving later. I have gotten comments in the past (in regards to my other children) from people who do not believe that babies experience stress or grieve...that's simply not true! He is very aware that things are not "right" and he just has to express that differently. Ok..sweet baby is crying I go!

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