Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Little Man adventures....

Last week Little Man started with a cough/cold. I wasn't too concerned, until I started to hear wheezing in the middle of night a few nights ago. He made it through the day on Wednesday, but by Wed night I knew he had to be seen. So, off to the ER we went where they immediately treated him with the nebulizer. We stayed for awhile, and they gave him another treatment and some steroids. He was doing better but we needed to follow up with the pediatrician the next morning. He had a rough night that night. Yesterday morning at the ped. he got 2 more treatments and we were told to continue with the meds and come back in the morning. Today he sounded better, but still is retracting and wheezing a bit. She said if he continues like this he should be able to handle it, but if he gets any worse he will need to be hospitalized :(
PRAYING that doesn't happen! We will be back in her office Monday morning for Isaac (re-check) and for little man to be checked on. At this rate I'll owe people "I owe you's" for Christmas-LOL!

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