Thursday, December 3, 2009

Still looking good!

Things with Little M are still going well! He went down at 7:30 last night :) He woke up at 11:30 b/c of gas, and then 4:30 again because he soaked through his diaper, his gums were bothering him (the joys of teething!) and a bottle. He went back to sleep after that and slept until 8:00! I can do this schedule!!! It is horribly embarrassing, but my arms are killing me! This chunky monkey weighs in at 18lbs and my weakling arms aren't used to carrying an 18 lb weight around all day-LOL! The carrier will certainly help with that :) I think he may be starting with a bit of a cold, so I need to check into his Medicaid status today just in case he needs to be seen. I have a few other calls to make today and then our FDS will be over this afternoon to meet Little M :) It's definitely an adjustment having a baby in the house again (pre-thinking everything!) but it really has been a joy! Mr. A and Mr. I (yes! He's coming around) are loving on sweet Little M and giving him kisses galore! Mr. I was even kissing him this morning while he fed him his bottle :) There's something so cute about a 5yo saying in a high pitch voice "who's my cute baby?" over and over that just tickles me-LOL!

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Foster mama K said...

Congrats on your firt placement! It his size I hope he sleeps thru the night sooN!