Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Bean will be leaving us on Friday!  I am so excited for him :)  He will get to be reunited with his baby sister and be in a "permanent" foster home while they try to find family that can keep them indefinitely.  It is looking like an out of state placement so he will need somewhere to be in the meantime.

I spoke with and met (this afternoon) his new foster mommy!  She asked all sorts of questions and we are trying to make this the most seamless transition for him that is possible.  We are moving him on Friday, but not one seems to know how that is going to happen!

I am going to miss this case worker :(  I even emailed her supervisor today to let him know how awesome she is.  Baby and Michael's (his first one) workers have given me a tainted POV and so I am so glad to have one sooo good at communication and organization...too bad she's not on our permanent case!  It's hard to let go of the ones who truly care about the kids in care!!!

So that's the skinny...soon we will be back to 4 kiddos 1 set of case workers (for however long Baby is still with us).  We are working on our re-licensing packet and looking forward to some time as a "core" family before we jump back in with both feet!

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StarfishMom said...

Praying God gives you the PEACE you need to send Bean off tomorrow. xoxox