Sunday, July 1, 2012


So we dropped Squirt off on Friday morning and his Grandma was so appreciative of what we did for Squirt.  She couldn't believe that we had so many kids (lol!)  She said it was a pleasure to meet our family :)
I am really happy for Squirt.  He practically jumped from my arms to his brother's arms (Andrew's age).  I think he's gonna do just fine there while Mom works on what she needs to do.

Thursday night (before Squirt even left) we got a a call from placement asking us to take another one.  I literally couldn't because I don't have any seats left in my van (until Squirt left that is).  She talked about not wanting to burn foster parents out and I told her to maybe give us the weekend and then we'll jump back in.  I didn't think she'd note that, but it's been quiet all weekend!  I'm sure the phone will start ringing again tomorrow, but it's nice to have just the 6 of us this weekend :)

Andrew is the only one has said "I miss {Squirt}" He's doing ok.  It was "just" a 5 week placement.  I'm not so excited about the next one!  Wait.....I take that back...Baby has been going over to Squirt's highchair and calling him for dinner "NotNit!!!!  NotNit!!!!Ninna!!!"  They loved to eat together...and that was about it :)  If you can guess his name from that you get a gold star and special recognition on this blog! lol!

Baby's CM was sick this week so she asked if she could do her monthly visit on Saturday.  My hubby works on Sat. so I said yes.  She gave me minimal information.  She said that we will probably have to wait another 3 weeks or so to get a court date, and then she said it could happen as soon as the following week or who knows how long.  So.....Baby lingers in the system some more.  He's now 17 months and this case is just dragging :(

I also heard from the GAL who said they are continuing to push forward with the TPR for Dad.  Hmmm....I thought this was pretty much over, but maybe not??????  It's ALL UP TO THE JUDGE!  Meanwhile my emotions get to stay on the roller coaster for at least another 4+ weeks!!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I love roller coasters.....when they are literally a minute long!!!! PRAYING!!!!

I love little kiddos pronunciations! Joanna calls Abigail Abilah.....Elizabeth is elibabip :) So cute!!!