Friday, July 6, 2012

A new placement

Yesterday placement called with a 1 yr old boy and a 4 mo old girl.  Ummm...nope sorry I can't do siblings. I literally only have one open car seat!  So...she asked if I could just take the boy for the night.  The girl was in the hospital (an issue from neglect).  Sure!  So we were graced with Bean last night.  I was up most of the night as he only wanted to be held and any time I remotely tried to lay him down he screamed!  LONG NIGHT.  I slept with him on the's been awhile since those days have occurred!

The CM came at 8:45 this morning to get him and I was believing they would find a permanent placement for him and his sister today.  There was some crazy going on's that I won't get into here, but let's just say it's SO NICE when you have another foster parent stick up for you, especially one you haven't even met!

Moving on....Bean is BACK here today because no placement was found.  The CM said that lots of families are on vacation right now and next week they should be able to find a family for him and his sister together.
So....I'm PRAYING for some sleep tonight!!!  Hopefully the more used to his surroundings he gets the better he'll sleep.

Bean is a cute 15 mo old boy...yep...we have another boy :)  I guess God just doesn't want me to have a girl! lol!

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