Monday, July 9, 2012

Week ahead....

This could be a long week...I am praying that Bean starts to cry less and be happy more.  He is our first placement where he is not easily distracted and he cries A LOT unless he is being fed/has a bottle in his hands, or is being held.  Boy is chunky! My back is hurtin'!  I simply can't hold him all the time with 4 other kids either.  I have been told that they are working on a placement still so he can be with his sister.  It's sad to see this sweet little boy so sad and it's clear that he has never received the kind of interaction that he should have been given.  He's delayed in several skills and just seems so young still (though his size tells you otherwise).  He and Squirt are just weeks apart but Squirt was on target and doing well (product of a very involved and loving family despite Mom's poor choice).  Bean, sadly does not have that loving family to support him along the way.  :(

My suspicions are that.....

  • He followed no kind of a schedule (even REMOTELY!)
  • He fell asleep with a bottle that continued to be refilled until he fell asleep (yeah...that's not happening here)  He is learning that there is a 1 bottle of water limit here.  He doesn't much like it.  I don't like changing a soaked through little guy and doing more laundry.  Am I mean?!
  • I think he had a bottle of milk in his hand constantly (he is chubby but doesn't eat much!  The milk gave him lots of calories.  He and Squirt are the total opposite...he was super tiny but could eat like a horse!)  
  • Like I said above...I don't think he was held much or treated affectionately. 
  •  Based on ages his bio-mom got pregnant with his little sis when Bean was only 2 months old. Didn't leave much time for him to be the youngest when you are only 11 months and a new sibling is born.  
There will be no visit for Bean this week because his parents need to appear before the judge before visitation will be granted.  If you saw the post that I deleted yesterday then you know why I am relieved.  I needed to vent but that had some "medical information" that perhaps shouldn't be "out there."  It is now gone :)  For those of you who read it...he's being re-evaluated tomorrow for perhaps a secondary "other" infection.  Thanks to blog reader Rachael for your email...I feel better about it and am moving on and waiting :)

Yeah...I think we are getting to that "break point."  It will just be the 6 of us for awhile (5 if/when Baby is moved).  I know I said that before, but having to deal with this medical issue has pretty much solidified that I am ready, hubby is definitely ready and we just need some family time, marriage time and time to get renewed before we jump back in.  We are by no means done, but we need some refreshment.  :)  

As always....prayers appreciated!  


Rachael said...

Ha, thanks for the shout-out! And if any other readers saw the post and have questions about the issue mentioned in it, I'm happy to talk (confidentially) about a similar situation with our foster daughter.

StarfishMom said...

I read your deleted post never dealt with it...yet :/ There's always a chance and the thought of that scares me. It will be a tough transition to get him to eat more and drink less (I would only send him to bed with a water cup) but he has to learn. Sorry it's been rough for you. Praying God gives you His GRACE to get through this. Bean is with you for a reason :)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

AMEN! Praying!!!!
Refreshment and renewal are priorities otherwise family does not work properly! Praying you find things that work for him. Praying for his medical.....didn't read yesterday. Too busy with sick kiddos- STILL!!!! :(