Saturday, July 14, 2012


Oh Hallelujah!  Bean slept ALL night in the pack-n-play!  He woke a few times, but with a quiet "shhhh" and lots of "oh please God let him go back to sleep!" he would go back to sleep :)  That means that I got sleep in MY BED for the first time in over a week!  I feel like a new woman :) LOL!

In the past week Bean has already made some good changes.....

1) He CLEAN :)
2) He's smiling SO much more
3) He is starting to fight with Baby...a sign he's feeling comfortable
4) He is using the bottle a LOT less and a sippy cup a lot more!
5) He knows what a spoon is and that it goes in his mouth.  The whole putting food on it thing is still a mystery.
6) He cries so much less
7) He is starting to talk to us (they said he says mama and dada) We have heard "more" and "done" as well

Baby has to go on an extra visit today (booooooooooo) but that means with 4 kids (only 1 baby) I can take the rest of them to the pool.  We haven't been going out much at all this past week, so the kiddos are ready to have some fun in the sun!  Me too!!

Thanks for the prayers....God hears each one and I get to see the results!  Thanks friends!!!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

YEA for sleep!!!! Sleep is a wonderful thing! Makes life sooo much better!

Glad he is doing well. Can't wait to meet him.