Sunday, January 22, 2012


Comments...we get them all the time. Some good and some bad. In James 3 it talks about how with our tongues we speak both blessings and cursings. We praise our God and Father and then with that same tongue curse the men (and women) God made in His likeness! This passage has been on my mind/heart this week. I've been really trying to focus on this with my kids too. Comments that we get as a transracial, semi-large family of young children can be the or death. Recent comments we have gotten...

"Wow, you have such a beautiful family!" LIFE

"You sure have your hands full! " DEATH (this is personal...I hate this comment...I don't know why, but I just do! It NEVER encourages me)

"God Bless You and your family!" LIFE

"Are you crazy? You have that many kids and homeschool too?!" DEATH (when is insulting someone life-giving??)

"You just have one of every kind now don't you?" DEATH (they aren't a collection!)

"You are my hero! I could never do that!" LIFE and DEATH (while "hero" is no where near accurate, it's at least encouraging me that maybe God's using me to inspire others to adopt/foster...however...the second 1/2 of that statement cuts God off from what He *could* want to do with that person. They are shutting out the possibility that God could use them in a similar way.)

As we embark on a fresh week I challenge you all to consider every single word that comes out of your mouth. Are you encouraging someone else and bringing life, or are your words bringing death? So many times the "death comments" come from wanting to make ourselves feel better. Look inward...what could God be convicting YOU (and ME!!) of?? (do not read condemnation..that is not of the Lord! Conviction is very different!) Have a blessed week and bring LIFE to all you speak with this week!

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