Monday, January 23, 2012

Do you run a daycare?

Ahhhhh....I finally got the question that adoptive/foster mommies of several children get! I'm surprised it's taken this long-lol! I was at our local W*almart. Since moving I have literally been there twice. I went in today to pick up a couple of quick items with Baby only since my hubby was home and stayed with the rest of them.

When I got to the checkout the woman said "Do you run a daycare?" Chuckling to myself because I only had one child I said "no, he's my son." Just a side note...I do not feel it's necessary to constantly be telling people that he (or any other) child is a foster child. It only opens up a whole can of worms that I am not willing to go into with the checkout lady! lol!

Cashier: Oh I've seen you in here before and you had a lot more kids with you.
Me: Yes, they are all mine :)
Cashier: Wow, so you adopted them then?
Me: Yes
Cashier: Wow...that's really nice! My finace is adopted and we've talked about it to. I was wondering how long it took.

I gave her a very brief synopsis of our adoptions (there were not so patient people behind me, but hey...I'm doing God's work!) Sometimes I think I should draw up business cards for situations like that with my name/email/phone # on it so they can ask more questions later :)

I walked out amazed at how God used my family again and the easiest part was that I did nothing extra! All I did was take my kiddos to the store for a few items and treat them in a Godly way. That was enough to make an impression on this young woman! I love it! Never underestimate how God might use you and your family for His Glory!


Mie said...

I've totally considered printing up business cards, though when I've needed to I have just used my card from work which is at least something.

This is the exact reason I don't mind mentioning that we're foster parents. I don't usually say "Yes, he/she is a foster child" but rather when someone comments on how many we have or something I'll say that we are foster parents. All my kids look like they could be siblings, so I don't need to get into who is adopted and who is foster and who is bio.

Cheri said...

When Amelia was first diagnosed with autism and had frequent meltdowns in public, our military SN coordinator gave us cards explaining that this was not a bad child and we were not bad parents - she has special needs and easily becomes overwhelmed in new settings. We didn't use the cards often (especially after we learned her triggers), but we felt so much more secure having them just in case. I highly recommend you print up a few cards, so you'll be able to continue to advocate for adoption and fostering, and do God's work! Sometimes it's just easier to do a brief sharing, and pass the card!

Alison said...

I always say that we are foster-parents, but never put it on J, that he is a foster-child. People actually react differently and kinder when I make a point of making it about me and not outing the child.

I've thought about business cards for my blog and a number or email a lot too! I hate having an awesome meeting and 2 second talk and then needing to awkwardly end it. Sometimes it just feels like the conversation shouldn't be over yet but it has to be since we're at a store, restaurant, etc.

Our Journey said...

I should the initial "are they all yours??" comments I don't say that a child is our foster child. If we are having a conversation I do mention that we are foster parents because I am all for promoting foster care/adoption and love to talk about it (without outing the child/ren)! After a little back and forth I did tell her that we are foster parents :)

Diane said...

I've had that question multiple times, but more when my kids were younger. I think people are just so curious, but they don't know how/what to ask and figure this is a safe question.

Mama P said...

It is so awkward sometimes! I'd rather deal with those questions, though, than the ones from people who are marginal friends and want to ask all kinds of nosy questions about why my kids are in care, etc.