Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Radon Verdict

So.....they said we don't have to redo our radon!!!! Yay :) After reading the manual (that they don't include in the packet!) we placed it in a bad spot, so our real reading probably isn't high.

I got a call from the health dept today and we are scheduled for that fun tomorrow. At least I have a good excuse for a not perfect house...moving...I can use that for awhile don't you think? :) It was funny when he called because we are in a new city now and figured we would get someone new, but "our guy" just happened to move to this area too (job wise that is)!! I like this guy because he isn't all crazy and picky and just really looks at the necessary stuff. :)

Our afternoon...yes 4 hours (including driving) was spent at the WIC office getting the 2 boys re-certified. We were moving along well in the back from the registration lady to the nurse to the nutritionist and then came the wait.....UGH! I hate the last step waiting for checks. Usually it's not too bad, but today they had one lady printing out the checks and she called one person about every 20 min. They closed at 5pm and when I left at 5 pm the entire lobby was still full. This particular office is in a bad part of town and of course there was contruction so the way I always take (and only way I know) was closed so I had to find a new way. Good thing I am not directionally challenged and it was daylight!!! Of course I hit rush hour traffic. Fun times! No more afternoon WIC appts! :)

So, that was our day...baby was up at 4:45 this am and I never got to go back to sleep so this momma is hitting the hay early!!!

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