Friday, January 20, 2012


Remember Butterball from a couple of months back? :) Gosh he was sweetie. I emailed his foster mom to see whatever happened with him and he was able to transfer to a friend's foster home and is doing really well and being doted on by two older teenage foster sisters :) She asked me if I was available for daytime respite every Thursday because she has to go to court every Thursday to fight for her her other sweeties. She has a 15 mo old and 4 mo old bio-siblings. They are trying to get the girls placed with a family friend (not even a close one). She has had the 15 mo old since 4 days old. The parents are not anywhere near close to getting them back but the workers want to move them anyway (this is not family). Crazy! Why upset these children's lives for nothing??? There is no reason to move them, so she needs to be at court to speak up each week.

So....I am going to be doing respite for her 2 GIRLS :) Yes, that will mean 6 kids 7 and under! 7, 5, 2, 1, 11 mos, and 4 mos! This is what crazy people who care about the well-being of kids do :) At least it's just for a few hours!


The Campbell's Journey said...

Remember E & J, the sibling group I had for a week a couple of years ago? Well, I am doing respite for them over the weekend :) I'll fill you in on the details after the weekend.

Brianne said...

Hi! I recently found and started following your blog! My husband and I are almost lisenced to foster. It is such a blessing to follow other families and read about their experiences! Thanks for sharing!


Mama P said...

I'll send a bottle of wine, haha!

Our Journey said...

I'm gonna need it Mama P :)