Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sibling Visit having to handle this myself has been so stressful! I thought we had things all worked out yesterday but didn't have an official confirmation from Uncle. So, I texted him this morning and asked if we are still on. His response said that we are going to have to work something else out.

Here is his logic...
We meet at 11:30 for the switch over. He lives a 1/2 hour away. He gets to spend 1/2 hour with baby and then he will have to turn around and come back to meet me at 2:30. HUH???

I included the extra hour so they could actually visit from 12-2. 11:30-12:00 driving, 2 hour visit, 2:00-2:30 driving. Seems like 2 hours to me, but maybe I need to check my math-lol! Ok...this situation has made me SASSY!

So after more back and forth and we even asking for a compromise and do a 3 hour visit, he cancelled it. That right there shows me his true motivation is not for the siblings to get together. Why can't 3 little kids play together for 3 hours (or 2 for that matter!) and have that be enough?? I sooooooo tried to be graceful and asked for his email address so that I could email him some pictures of Baby. I emailed him 3 pictures and an update on what Baby is doing.

A bit later I got a text from Baby's Dad. I happened to mention that we were trying to work things out for a visit with aunt/uncle. Whew...I said the WRONG thing!!! He wrote me back and said he doesn't want baby anywhere around those people! I told him that the visit ended up not working out, but they are already asking about next week. He said he is going to call the CM first thing Monday morning!

This CM must hate me!!! I am not purposefully trying to cause problems, but when something isn't right, it isn't right. Now the thing with Dad...that was an accident! Should be interesting to see how next week plays out! lol!!

Monday is a busy day with a meeting to get the ball rolling with an adoption/foster care ministry at our church and then court for Little Man in the afternoon!!! We will finally get the coveted FINALIZATION date!!!!! The rest of the week is hectic too, so hopefully I won't have too much time to get sucked into this drama again. I hate drama, but it makes life interesting huh?

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MamaFoster said...

I'm happy the visit didn't work out. Hehehe