Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I usually try to make all court and staffing appointments but today I just didn't have the time to attend baby's staffing. His wonderful GAL called me soon after they got out to give me the highlights which I will bullet point for you for ease :)

  • No one was comfortable with an 8 hour visit for Dad (well except Dad's attorney who was not there of course and Dad)
  • A 6 hour visit was agreed upon to start...every TUESDAY :) Yay..an actual day I can rely on each week!!
  • Dad will be monitored during his 6 hour visit with pop-in visits from his case manager
  • Dad will be monitored during his visit occasionally by the GAL
  • Dad will at the very least have a stroller for Baby to sleep in. This should be interesting because Baby is too nosy and has NEVER fallen asleep in a stroller. At least it's a place for him to sorta lay.
  • Some(official) paperwork that our GAL has requires that a homestudy be done for a visit lasting 8 or more hours, so until he has a place to actually live with an approved homestudy he won't be getting those 8 hours.
  • Dad was defensive, and they had to consistently reassure him that this is NOT about him, but about what is best for the Baby!!
I think those are the highlights. Since today is Tuesday and he was at work (umm..he said this was his day off???) the visits will start next week. I just looked at the calendar and realized in 2 weeks Baby's 1st birthday falls on a Tuesday...good for bio-dad of course, but sad for me :( Good thing Baby doesn't know any better and we'll celebrate early so hubby can be there too!


MamaFoster said...

i hope it goes well, just because the baby has to do it whether we like it or not.

Mama P said...

Im so glad Baby didn't get 8 hour visits, although 6 hours is not much better, in my opinion. I LOVE that there has to be an approved homestudy before 8 hour visits can happen!