Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today was homestudy day!!! Shoot...by the 6th homestudy I'm like "good enough!" with my cleaning-lol! My my how that has changed since homestudy and adoption #1! We did some paperwork and she asked a couple of questions did a brief tour and that was it! She is going to type it up and hopefully our (second round) of fingerprints come back asap. She said we'll have another meeting in 2 weeks or so to go over some more paperwork. Court on Monday and we will set the finalization...hopefully for the end of Feb.!!! It's so hard to believe that in a month's time it will all be OFFICIAL!!! It's surreal!

As for Baby's aunt/uncle visit....I talked with his GAL (she knows them well since his siblings live there). She said he doesn't treat women with a lot of respect so I should just tell him what I want to happen and (as long as CM agrees..which she does) that's how it's gonna go! So...IF he calls/txts me again I will tell him a 2 hour visit on Sat. when ALL the family is present. There is no need for a "private" visit (even if nothing sinister was to happen). So...I wait....I will not initiate any contact with him. DUH! The answer to the "why all the sudden?" question hit me...it's Baby's 1st birthday next week!!! So I guess I can expect these people to show up at "major" holidays/birthdays. Oh how nice for Baby (can you feel the sarcasm seething in that statement? lol) I just don't think it's fair for these people to get to "drop in" whenever they feel like it....so not fair to Baby!!!

Baby's 4 hour visit with Dad went well today from what I hear. He sent me a video :) He ASKED me if it was ok for Baby to have a b-day cake next week. While I think this is a bit odd for bio-parent to ask I TOTALLY was pleased and it shows he respects me :) Of course I said YES! He will also be getting his FIRST HAIRCUT!! I so wanted to take him, but totally understand his bio-dad wanting to do it. I'm just glad things are going to be under control in the hair dept. It's crazy! It's all long and shaggy on top with a ring of nothing at the back and then on the sides it's a bit like BOZO hair! He's going to look so different!

So overall, a pretty good day!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Wow! Will be praying for baby!!! So hard when people drop in and out.... :( WE had a lot of that too. Hard...because you feel like- it is easy to be there for special days.

YEAH!!!! ALMOST THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MamaFoster said...

glad today was better :)