Thursday, January 12, 2012


As part of moving we had to have the new house tested for radon. I just found out that we came back at 3.6 (+/-).6. An acceptable level is 4.0. So...technically we could have a level of 4.2 which is considered dangerous. We are waiting to hear from the county if we will be accepted or not. If not, then we will retest. If we are still high I am assuming we will have to call someone in to help lower the levels. UGH!!! That does not sound cheap does it??? Our FDS said that the city we now live in frequently show high radon levels. Wah!!!


Rachael said...

What a pain! When we were looking to buy our house, the sellers invalidated our first radon test by opening all the windows, then tried to convince us that since it was hot out we should pay to put them in a hotel for the duration of the test. Ha! No thanks. They paid for the second test, and thankfully our levels were okay. Let us know how it turns out!

Mama P said...

GAHHHH! What a frustrating day all around! I thought radon was just something from the attack-of-the-alien-robot movies! Im going to have to google that now.

I'm sorry you had to go back to get Baby...I would not have been very nice about that. So what is the dad doing when he's on the bus with Baby? Just taking him around town, or does he literally get on the bus just for Baby to take a nap?

BioParents are such freaks sometimes.

Our Journey said...

@Mama P...he gets on the bus because he has a pass and that's how he chooses to spend time with Baby. I don't get it, but there are a lot of things that just don't make sense to me-LOL! I'm just along for the ride!

Mama P said...

Wow! How fun for Baby! LOL

Yeah, I've learned that if I want to maintain my sanity as a foster mom, I have to vow to never try to make sense of anything that goes on. At least it all makes for entertaining blog material.