Friday, January 20, 2012


So remember all that hoopla at Christmas about Baby going for an overnight visit with aunt/uncle?? Yeah...remember they never called again and Baby didn't go anywhere? Well, I got a call from Baby's case worker today saying that the Aunt called and asked for an overnight visit with Baby. THANK YOU JESUS she sees things from Baby's perspective (with my help :) ) and said NO. She offered to start with a day visit. I gave her a bit of history on said Aunt/Uncle and that she may want to double check what days they are working and make sure they CONFIRM the visit with her before she drives an hour out to my house ot get Baby. She seemed enlightened and said she'd call me right back. That was an hour ago. We'll see....there are several ways this could go. If they really wanted to see him and were thinking of his best interest things would be different. I just have this "hairs standing on end" feeling when I speak with her. Something is shady with them and I just haven't figured out the "why" and "what" yet.

As for Baby's visit with Dad....the GAL is fighting hard to get things put back the way they were and return to 4 hour visits until an approved homestudy is completed (this would require Dad to have housing of course!) or his lawyer takes them back to court for another hearing. Dad is gonna hit the roof when he is told. He texted me yesterday and asked why I have a problem with an 8 hour visit and that he would take good care of Baby. I was not about to get in the middle of this. Yes, I have my opinions, but no sir....I just texted back that the visit length is not up to me at all (remember I wasn't even at the staffing!) and everyone is just thinking of Baby's best interest (not having a place to nap, etc). I didn't get a response.

I will be very interested to see where this case goes, how much involvement aunt/uncle have (they've expressed interest in adopting Baby but all the workers say that's not happening for several reasons), and if Dad will be able to pull things together. Should we be able to adopt Baby in the future this would not be an easy road. Keeping in contact and maintaining relationships with 3 siblings on Bio-Mom's side (2 separate homes) and bio-Dad could be a lot to handle. Of course we would do it, but it just wouldn't be easy. Too bad we were never guaranteed "easy" in this life huh? Looking forward to eternal life which will be much more enjoyable :)

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MamaFoster said...

yeah...i would never text anything that I didn't want everyone in the case to see lol