Thursday, January 12, 2012

Court today

I took baby to court today so that his Dad could have a visit with him following court. We got there at 9 and court was to start at 9:30. We waited and waited....finally at 10:50 we get called in. The case plan was presented and most of it was agreed to.

Dad's lawyer is a good one. He was also the lawyer for Little Man's Dad. Yuck! He makes the bio-parent sound so good and suggests things that are just silly. The drug testing was reduced from a color-code system to 2 x's per month because he didn't think there was basis. Oh there is basis alright, just not criminal charges so the judge decreased it.

At the last minute Dad's lawyer threw in there "oh and Dad is requesting his visits get increased to 8 hours per week" The judge granted it! So...for 10 hours one day (2 hours travel time) a week baby will be on a visit with his Dad. Now if he had a place to live I wouldn't have such a problem with this. BUT....the 4 hour visits now are pretty much held on the bus. Dad says that he will fall asleep on the bus and sleep for an hour or 45 min. I'm sorry, but a bus is no place for a child to take his naps (especially 2!) The GAL wants to fight this. We'll see what happens.
He's going to be a mess when he gets home and especially the next day!! The only good thing about this is that we are going to have a SET day/time (oh Hallelujah!!!) for this visit every week. I've been asking for this for a long time.

I got out of court, said goodbye to baby and made my way to my car. I just had gotten off the elevator in the parking garage and my phone rings. "Hi, can you come back and get baby? We have to cancel the visit" UGH!!! So I got baby to court, exposed him to more germs (Dad let him crawl on the nasty floor---eeeeewwwww!!!!), he didn't get a morning nap all for nothing. Oh foster care can be soooo challenging!!!!

I guess the "fun" starts next week......I'm not one for rollercoasters....I think I'm getting sick! lol!


MamaFoster said...

:( i wouldn't like that...any of that. sorry

Mary H. said...

Sorry, Melissa! I just have to ask...why did the visit have to cancelled just after he just took him???

Our Journey said...

Dad didn't cancel was the CM. Grrr....something in her schedule..blah blah...court at 2...blah blah...All stuff she knew about BEFORE we had court and she should have cancelled it long before me getting to my car!:(