Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Developmental Assessment

So I think that these are totally ridiculous to do on newborns! The lady came out this morning and asked a few questions about his development, but he slept the whole time! She didn't see him eat or even awake. If something were wrong (exp. born drug addicted) the services would have been referred to the parent/child in the hospital. Oh least she didn't stay the full hour. 20 minutes and she was outta here :)

Still waiting to hear about a visit for this week....I'm assumming Friday, but who knows?! Why tell the foster parent? LOL!

We are finally getting into a more regular schedule which is SO welcomed! He eats every 3 hours and is doing well with the 3 ounces most of the time. He pukes every once in awhile and I'm pretty certain he does have reflux. We'll address that with the Dr. next week. Otherwise he is doing really well :) I can tell by looking at him that he is gaining weight (slowly of course!) and is definitely going to be pretty dark little dude! He has gotten darker in the 2 weeks he's been here and still has more to go!


The Campbell's Journey said...

As you know, we have had our fair share of behavior assessments done on newborns in our home. Sometimes the person performing the assessment comes having read the case file. It is nice when they come with more information than we were given. Other times it is quite annoying to have someone sit there and watch the baby sleep for two hours. I've had a couple of cases where I was "enlightened". Our first case the lady opened up her lap tap and read me the whole report. I agree though, not necessary for a newborn. If they came back after a month or two, it would probably be more helpful!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he- yeah....our 3 year old at the time had an assesment done....when he had only been with us less than 2 weeks. The lady doing it was worried because he was soo "behind". I turned to her as she left (I didn't ask for her the state made her come) and we were outside. I said please never come into someone's home where the child hasn't been there even a month and proceed to tell someone that their child is "not at whatever level". My child was just ripped out of his home- really??? Sorry...couldn't help myself. Funny- she should see him now- he is smart as a whip! :)

You don't even know when the visits are? That is nuts ours was scheduled same day...same time...same place for the most part.