Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Total Sweetness

I haven't decided what our new little guy's "online name" will be yet, but he is pure sweetness! He is a tiny guy. He came straight from the hospital. The nurses were kind enough to stock us up well with formula and diapers! He is eating every 3 hours or so...I can do that! I am thankful that I have been getting some sleep lately! I think it will be awhile before that happens again! We have no idea how long he will be here, but we will meet with his case manager tomorrow sometime after court, so maybe we'll have a better idea following that visit.

It is definitely different adding a baby via foster care vs. birth. There is no break or time off, there is no one bringing meals/gifts, there aren't as many well-wishes, no family over visiting (ours are all out of town), there is an expectation that life moves on at the normal pace...and it does! Things are going very well so far :) I tend to always have a dinner or two frozen or at least prepped. I always pre-make and freeze pancakes/muffins for breakfast and it helps to be a SAHM for sure!

Mr M. will be home tomorrow because I. has an evaluation tomorrow. Like I doesn't stop! Mr. M's birthday is Friday so we may just have to celebrate a day early!!

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MamaFoster said...

congrats! i understand exactly what you mean about how different it is from giving birth.

i am excited for you :)