Thursday, February 3, 2011

A litttle more info

Liitle Grape's CM came over today and gave us some more details about our little guy's situation. Of course I can't share a lot, but he may not be here for too long. His dad is interested in well...being a dad, but not yet. Interesting huh? The foster family that has one of his siblings isn't willing to take the baby...yet. So...we will continue to love Little Grape as long as we get to and see where this ride takes us!

I really like his case manager. I've actually seen her at court before. The best part...ya ready?? She was ON TIME! :) She has been with this particular mother since March of 2008 :( Little Grape has 3 of next Monday they all will be tpr'd.

He goes for his first visit tomorrow morning, Actually he's getting picked up for a dr. appt first, then he's off to the hospital to visit his mom. She is still in the hospital after a horrible c-section experience. She lost a lot blood and almost died! She is still receiving blood tranfusions and they are trying to get her back to normal.

So that's where we are....praying for another night of sleep :)

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