Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Learning by watching

We teach our children the response "Yes Mom" or "Yes Dad"whenever we ask something of them or ask if they understand, etc. It teaches them respect and honor for their parents. A. and I. are very good at doing this and *usually* will do things without a sour face, etc.

Today as I was homeschooling the other boys, Little Man was in the living room playing. He tends to mess with my computer a lot so I went to check on him. There he was sitting in my computer chair. The kid is 19 months and knows how to work the mouse without being taught. I told him that he would have to sit in his high chair while we finished so he couldn't get into any more trouble.

After a while he had enough of sitting in that chair (he threw everything I gave him on the floor within 1 min. so he was pretty bored). I told him that he wasn't to touch Mommy's computer anymore and to play with toys. I was approaching him to get him out of the chair and (out of habit?) I asked him if he understood me. He responded with "yes mom!" LOL!!! I had to turn away and laugh (so he wouldn't see me)! It was so cute!! I haven't required this of him yet, nor directly taught him it, but he sure picked up on it! I love it!!

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