Saturday, February 5, 2011


We got a call yesterday from Little Man's GAL that the case manager had received a voicemail from Little Man's mom that they were in another state with no intentions of coming back. She said to tell [Little Man] that she loved him. DONE. I have an incredibly strong reason to believe why they left, but no proof. One thing I do know is that when we return to court on March 1st the judge will be terminating their parental rights and we will be able to move forward with no further delays, appeals, etc!!!! Little Man will have a new last name soon enough and we can't be more THRILLED!!!!


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Mandy said...

Yeah. That would be awesome if they have moved away for you--no fears of ever "running into them". We have run into different members of my children's bio families in the oddest places and it is uncomfortable for me and my children. Peace of mind that they have moved away could be priceless for you.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hello, OH WOW!!! How very exciting.

We are former foster parents too- God gave us 6 of our 8 children through foster care..... :) BLESSINGS on your lil man!!! and your family!