Saturday, February 26, 2011

Random thoughts from a tired woman

I've had to say the phrase "It's not about me" about a million times today!

Getting 2-4 hours of sleep a do people (like my sister!) do this EVERY night?? I know there will be an end in sight sometime in the next couple of months...I hope!

A. arranged some "Mommy time" yesterday when the baby was sleeping. He told me that he would entertain/watch I. and Little Man in their room so I could have a rest...awwww!!!

Little Grape is developing into a male diva (divo?!) It's so funny to see his personality developing already. He'll be 4 weeks old on Monday! It's been a bit of a sleepy blur but we love having him here. :)

I told his FRS to feed him at 3:00 (or mom/dad whoever) yesterday. So what did they do?? They fed him almost 3 ounces at 2:15 and then another almost 2 ounces an hour later! Know what that means??? A Momma and baby up until 3:45am with tummy troubles from too much food :( I will send enough to make ONE bottle next week. Lesson learned.

LG is growing so much already and finally starting fit into some 0-3 outfits :) I can't wait to dress him in one of my favorite little outfits (from when A. was a baby) for church tomorrow!

Please keep us in your prayers Tuesday...both boys have court at the same time. May God's will be done in both court rooms!!!

I LOVE coffee and God made it especially for sleep deprived mommas!!

Monday we are declaring "family day!" School will be at MOSI where they have a new bug exhibit. Science on the go! Love it! I'll be sure to take a picture of the cockroach races for all you non-Floridians :)

Sorry if this post is whiny....I promise to be more positive in the future but sometimes it feels better to just get it all out!! :-)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he- you are prone to be tired when you get little sleep. Whew....we thought we were going to be adopting a special needs toddler....and when uscis said no. We were blessed with an infant! YIKES! Yeah- thought we were going to skip the no sleep thing, but guess not. :) Worth it, but crazy.

Have fun at the bug exhibit- our boys would LOVE THAT!!! Too bad we aren't there already :)

Our Journey said...

Yeah....your body doesn't naturally prepare you for newborns when you adopt/foster! lol!

The bug exhibit goes till May, so you could definitely take your boys :-)!!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Aahh... thata girl... you're back to drinking COFFEE! LOL!

Praying for some sweet rest soon :)

Mandy said...

I understand the no sleep thing. One of mine doesn't go to sleep until 11pm most nights and another gets up at 4:30am every morning. Inbetween that time I get up a minimum of 3 times with any one of the youngest 3. This has been going on for a few years now so I guess I am used to it but I feel tired most of the time (I drink primarily decaf).

The bug exhibit sounds fun. Take some pictures.

The Campbell's Journey said...

I learned to pre-make the bottle(s). Its easier and you may not be able to control when they give the feeding but you can at least know he isn't going to get too much. As for the lack of sleep, you know I feel your pain. 3 months old seems to be the "magic" age. Ms. M. is finally sleeping through the night and she will be 3 months old this week.