Friday, February 18, 2011

Different Feelings??

I was thinking this morning about the difference in my feelings about parental visits for Little Man vs. Little Grape. You can read about my reactions to Little Man's first visit HERE. For some reason I just don't feel tense about LG going on his visits.

Is it because.....

**he's so little that he has no idea what's going on??
**I know the mother's history and her chances of getting to parent him??
**I know he may only be here a short time because "Dad" might be fit to parent?
**I have a better idea of how things work?
**I am so totally sleep deprived that I'm oblivious? LOL!?

I'm not sure the exact reason, but maybe this will be what I asked for in a previous post which is to see the happy reunification story! Now don't get me wrong...we are head over heels for this little guy and would be SO SAD to see him go at *any* point, but we know the goal of foster care and if it's an appropriate placement for him, then I would love to see him with his father (chances for Mom are very slim). It just so happens that Little Man's TPR hearing is the exact same day/time that LG's next hearing is, so I will be able to meet his parents in the waiting area :)

It's fun to see the changes in him in just the 2 short weeks he has been here. He is going to be a "dark chocolate" kinda guy and his face seems to deepen in color almost daily :) He is starting to stretch those newborn clothes out (although he still swims in 0-3). I can't wait to take him to the Dr. next week to see how much we have packed on him! Still looking forward to the days when he sleeps a bit longer, but this time passes quickly (in retrospect of course!) so I will *try* to enjoy those 1 and 4am feedings!

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Pipsylou said...

This is EXACTLY how we feel about our little guy. It's hard to articulate, but his daddy is head over heels in love so it would be a happy reunification story. :)

There are lots of kiddos out there who need SOMEONE to love them...but I feel like our little Baby Man already has that person, you know?

Thank you for your updates!