Friday, February 11, 2011

He's back

Little Grape just got back from his visit with his parents. He came back with several new outfits which was nice to see, even if they are not going to fit him anytime soon and by the time they do it will be the wrong season, but still :)

He also had a Dr. appt and he is not gaining weight (still at the weight when he left the hospital 6lbs 4oz) even though he's eating all his bottles. So...I have to make an appt to see our pediatrician in 2 weeks, although that would require a Medicaid I am on the hunt for that! I guess he is still on Mom's medicaid number, so hopefully I can get that next week. Even though I wrote out a note about all that I am seeing with his discomfort, lack of sleep, gas, reflux?, etc nothing was done. So...we endure these long nights until I can get into our pediatrician. You can bet I'm not waiting 2 weeks!!!

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