Sunday, February 27, 2011

Phone call

Our GAL just called to say that Little Man's mom just called her and said that there is an aunt in her home state that is willing to take LM. There is so many things wrong with this situation and my flesh SO wants to scream out that this isn't fair, where was she the last 15 months? NO judge could do that to a child could they? it stinks that we have no rights in this situation, etc, BUT I WON'T!!! GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please join us in prayer against the enemy's attempt to place fear and worry in our lives. God's will is going to be done in that court room on Tuesday and we have lots of case workers who would all say that this is NOT in the best interest of the child!!! TRUSTING that LM will join our family permanently and we are taking on this fight against enemy with the armor of God firm in place!


none said...

You know...I think these last minute deals happens often. I can say, at least in the case of two foster to adopt friends, the baby/kid stayed put and was adopted by foster family. And you are completely correct, it is NOT in LM's best interest. God bless your restless heart and your Tuesday court.

Elisabeth said...

oy, that keeps happening to me tonight, that was from me.

Tama said...

You wear your battle armor of God's love and love for YOUR child.
We had a similiar (although we did not have him for as long as you have had your child) and I PRAYED for poop in the water in that town lol because the fecal water test was the only thing standing between the child and the other family. He did go to his birth family, but was back in our home in 2 weeks because they could not handle him. As silly as poo in the water sounds, I thank God now that the chance was given for him to return home because it gave the birth family the knowledge that he was better off in our home.

Mandy said...

Praying for you and your family.

We had family that told us at the end that they would not "contest" us when parents lost their rights as long as we would allow them to still see the kids. They said they didn't want to be involved in the foster care system. I always wonder why family shows up only at the end and thinks that they can try to be the heroes and take the kids then.

God's will for LM will prevail.