Thursday, February 24, 2011

GAL Meeting

Today we met the GAL for our new little guy. We have been so blessed to have not only one amazing GAL, but TWO! There are particular workers in the system that truly make you feel that you are appreciated...GAL's (at least ours) are one of them!

I got a tad bit more info. It seems that mom's history is more "messed up" than I was aware of. I learned that the other foster family that has his 2 yr old brother will be adopting him and why they weren't able to take Little Grape. It sounds like we would get along really well, so we are going to set up a visit with the boys :) Dad's living situation wouldn't pass a homestudy right now, so that is one thing that needs to get in order. looks as though LG will be here for awhile....lucky us!!

The other boys were showing off and being very silly (as usual) and the GAL just was in awe of how one family could have 4 boys! She doesn't have any kids of her own, so I was telling her that it's just a different world-lol! She's a flight attendant and is single....I hardly remember my single days!!

Oh and as we were finishing up she asked if we would be interested in adopting him if the chance comes our way....he's been in our care for 3 weeks! I'm sure you know my answer, but it was a great chance to share my faith and trust in God!

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