Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pediatrician's office

Our appt was for 9:30am...we weren't seen until 10:45! UGH! Anyway, she looked him over and he is doing really well :) He is now up to 6lbs 14oz so he has gained 10 oz since his last weigh in! She isn't concerned about the weight at all, so yay! The reflux"y" symptoms are kind of subsiding, so we are just going to watch that. It's not even daily anymore, so maybe it was just something he has to grow out of. She said to definitely keep him on soy though :) She asked about his temperment and I said "He's very sweet, but a bit high maintenance!" She said "I can see that. He seems like he might be that way." At least he's a cutie!

I just got the hospital discharge papers (which should have come with him) yesterday and a few interesting things were noted. The "funky breathing" as I have called it, is stridor. I. had this when he came home from Korea and had the croup. In this case it's due to an "immature trachea" and he should grow out of it. The other issue was a "hip click." She felt him today several times and it happened only a couple times, but she wants to be safe and proactive, so we are going to have an ultrasound done on his hip. For some reason, the Dr. office actually has to set that up so I am waiting to hear when that will be.

I had to take I. with me to the Dr. because he had speech after the appt. So I was sitting there with a very "chocolate" baby and my Asian son. A woman walking out of the waiting room was so obvious I almost laughed out loud! She was ridiculous. You could see the wheels turning as she tried to figure this one out! Someone at church the other day asked "where did this one come from? You weren't pregnant were you?" LOL!!!!!!!! What???? caucasian husband and pasty white me created the most sweet chocolate baby ever! :) (she knows who my hubby is). People are funny! I wonder if they ever think about how they came across after we have left????!!!!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

he he he - too funny.

We get that too? Not sure how that happens really???

Courtney said...

No, they are too busy scrutinizing others than to check on themselves! And your church people clearly are a bit confused!