Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Long nights

Our sweet Little Grape has had a tough time with gas the past several days/nights :( He's working on developing the suck-swallow-breathe and is constantly sucking in air. As long as his bottles are warm he will burp ok, but he still has tummy pain from the air. He has the most pitiful cry that doesn't even really sound like a cry. So...i am exhausted, but making it through!

He is having more and more alert times which is nice to see. A. said today "this baby is boring!" LOL! I guess this stage is a little boring..especially for a 6 yr old! lol!

Little Man continues to be really sweet with him! The worst thing he's done is climb in the baby seat with him! Thank God it wasn't ON him! :)

His case is being staffed today, so I don't know if I will hear how that went, but maybe??? The CPI was supposed to come yesterday before 9:30pm. Did she ever show? ?NO Did she ever call? NO! I wasn't happy. She called again this morning and is supposed to be here around 1:00...we'll see! I know she needs to see him before staffing at 3:00, so the chances are good...I think! lol!

It's nice to know it's Wednesday and there is no visit for Little Man...


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

We always had to be there for the staffing with the kids :( stink!

Poor sweet boy.....gas= no fun.

Praying all goes well for the staffing!

Kim said...

I am brand new to your blog, BUT if you are having feeding issues, PLEASE contact me.. I would love to share some advice that I learned the hard way. Our younger daughter had a LOT of suck-swallow-breathe, feeding, swallowing, eating, growing, reflux, etc. issues!

Mandy said...

How did the staffing go? Is he sleeping any better the past couple of nights, I have been praying for some sleep for you (and him).

Our Journey said...

@Kim...I'd love for you to email me! Things are improving, but he is still really hard to burp. I have switched him to soy to see if that helps and so far he seems a bit happier/content and then I also have the really good gripe water (colic calm) and that seems to really ease him, so I expect to get some sleep tonight!

@Mandy....the sleep has not improved. I literally am running on 2 hours today! Praying that tonight will be better! Nothing major from staffing. It's an open case so it's pretty much just getting handed over.