Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Need prayers!

We got word a few weeks ago that LM's parents fled to another state. I was assumming (shame on me!) that on March 1st we would be able to terminate their rights and we could move forward with his adoption. I talked to his CM today and she said that she checked with the attorney to make sure they were served the papers before they left, and they *don't think* that they were :( So..... now we have to do a due diligence search and try to serve her/them before the end of the week. If not, this is going to keep getting pushed back for 2-3 more hearings!! To add to all that...it is the end of this case and our attorney got changed to a brand spanking new attorney (ahhhhhhhh!!!!) and we just got switched to a new judge as well!!!!!!!!! Not what I wanted to hear, BUT GOD knows where they are and can get them served before court and He can make sure all new parties have done their homework and know what's going on in this "most messed up case" on the docket! Thank you for the prayers....I am fasting this week but didn't know until today my main focus! :)

**Busy day...we have LM's case worker, LM's GAL and LG's case worker coming for visits today! LG's GAL comes Thursday! Gotta love the last week of the month!!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Why is it when you think a case just couldn't get "any worse" it always does? PRAYING for you and for all those involved.